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At Nereus Subsea, we strive to offer the most progressive underwater services in Dubai to our customers and we have helped companies mitigate operating overheads and carbon footprint through efficient services spanning the entire marine service requirement. Our team comprises experienced professionals with years under their belt and their sectoral expertise has enabled us to drastically lower marine fuel consumption through effective maintenance and repairs. We offer multiple underwater services including hull cleaning services in UAE, underwater maintenance and repairs, survey and inspections, salvage & recovery work, and fleet performance contracts - ensuring your satisfaction.

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 Underwater maintenance UAE


Ensuring the health of your vessel is critical for its prolonged operation. Keeping them in excellent condition and avoiding any possible damage or irreparable harm is the top priority. Our extensive underwater maintenance service Dubai offers hull cleaning services, propeller polish, anode replacement, ship maintenance and repair will allow you to focus on what matters most: running a successful business. Our team specializes in repairing and maintaining vessels so they can run efficiently for years down the line.

Underwater repair UAE


Nereus Subsea is an effective and professional company offering marine companies excellent underwater repair services Dubai. With access to the best commercial divers and as one of the leading ship repair companies in Asia, Nereus Subsea has proven itself as the partner of choice for all underwater repair needs UAE. Underwater ship maintenance and repair in Dubai is the core of our service capabilities and we will bring you the most cutting-edge and industry-leading solutions in this segment at an affordable cost.

Underwater survey and inspection UAE

Survey &

Nereus Subsea is committed to offering you the best and most comprehensive ship maintenance and repair services UAE which involve frequent and optimal surveys and inspections of the vessel, to ensure that everything is in order. Nereus’s experienced and professional experts offer you unparalleled survey and inspection services Dubai that includes CCTV inspection, hull coating inspection, sea chest internal inspection, UWILD/IWS, clearance measurements, sale and purchase inspection and survey of marine structures. Our excellent and competitive services ensure that your vessel stays in an optimal condition at all times.

Salvage recovery services UAE

Salvage & Recovery

Many a time, vessels may face problems that require you to search for salvage and recovery services. Nereus Subsea has excellent commercial divers and is one of the topmost underwater maintenance companies in UAE. In terms of salvage and recovery works, we offer the best and most effective solutions. Our suite of salvage and recovery works Dubai includes services such as anchor chain search and recovery, port facilities maintenance, sea bed scanning, shipwreck salvage, mooring buoy and navigational buoy repair and maintenance

Underwater ship maintenance UAE


Nereus Subsea offers specialist knowledge to tackle any troubles a vessel may face while sailing. Our highly qualified team will detect and eliminate the problem in an effective and unobtrusive manner. Our distinctive capability is the repair of stern tube seals, which is an integral service provided to most shipping companies. Our experts will swiftly diagnose and solve any issue with the utmost proficiency.

Fleet performance contractor services UAE

Fleet Performance

Nereus Subsea offers unparalleled fleet performance contractor services in the UAE. Our team of specialized fleet managers will help you solve any shipping challenges you may face. With niche solutions tailored to the shipping industry, we are the ideal partner for your fleet performance needs in Dubai. Our comprehensive and competitive contracts are designed to optimize your fleet's performance and our managers are available at all times to assist you.

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