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“ Your Performance is our Business ”

Nereus Subsea is fully committed to supporting its people, partners and clients. We respect an embrace all cultures and foster good relationship wherever we are operating in the world. We care about our social responsibilities and take a long-term approach to ensuring we are enhancing lives and the environment.

  • Supporting community developments and national economies by actively participating in local projects.
  • Complying with our anti‐bribery and anti‐corruption policies, across all the countries we operate.
  • Sharing our experience within various organizations that are working to improve and industry guidance and best practices.
  • Well‐defined procedures to bring awareness; identify, control and eliminate negative
  • environmental impacts in every activity. Focussed efforts to reduce waste by
  • controlling consumption levels and waste recycling. A reuse policy is intergral part of Nereus Subsea’s culture.