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“ Your Performance is our Business ”


Nereus Subsea is fully committed to achieving Health, Safety & Environment excellence in our business operations.

All Nereus Subsea employees, partners and contractors have personal responsibility to strive for “Target Zero” goals and objectives:

  • Zero Accident
  • Zero Harm to People
  • Zero Damage to Environment
  • Zero Damage to Property

To meet Target Zero, we are committed to:

  • Manage Health, Safety and Environmental matters as a core business activity.
  • Implement a systematic approach to Health, Safety and Environment to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, Interactional codes and standards, mandatory conventions, customer requirements and best practices
  • Proactive identification of hazards and manage risks to people, property and environment to As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP).
  • Promote a positive Health, Safety and Environmental culture throughout our organization.
  • Prevent pollution and minimise waste in our operations.
  • Develop and assess the competency of our employees to ensure we meet Health, Safety and Environmental objectives and targets
  • Communicate our commitment to this policy to all stakeholders and interested parties and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Review this policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to our organization.


Nereus Subsea is committed to deliver Quality services that meets the requirements and expectations of all parties, within the framework of statutory rules and regulations, through safe, efficient and cost-effective execution.


Nereus Subsea will apply the principles of Quality Management as a companywide commitment to achieve the Quality Objective.

The following commitments shall apply:

  • Quality is a top priority for all our employees.
  • We shall assure compliance with requirements, and conduct all our business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.
  • Our customers are the ultimate judges of the quality of our services.
  • Complaints and comments from customers are valuable inputs for improvement and shall be treated accordingly.
  • We will pursue continuous improvement and innovation, to create a competitive advantage for our customers and ourselves.
  • Quality shall be measured, evaluated and documented.
  • We will abide by quality standards as strict as those required from our customers.
  • Everyone in Nereus Subsea shall be trained and encouraged to contribute to the quality effort, and empowered to pursue our quality interests.


We operate fairly, with honesty and integrity

We, at Nereus Subsea, perform our operations with honesty and morality in any place of the world in which we are operational. We constantly improve the quality of services, products and operations and we maintain our fame, honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and our good business judgement. There is no illegal or unethical conduct on behalf of either the directors or the employees that is to the benefit of the company. We, at Nereus Subsea, will not jeopardize our principles for the short-term benefit. We all ought to maintain the high standards of our personal integrity. This code has been conducted as a guidance means to making decisions according to the basic values of our company, the honesty and integrity expected from every person employed in this organization. Our professional ethics is to have the courage to say and do the right thing. To have the integrity to deal with others with respect. To avoid conflict of interest between personal and professional relationships. The entire staff of Nereus Subsea has an ethical behaviour, thus contributing to the high esteem the company has gained.

Respectable working environment.

Nereus Subsea is a global service provider and we all have our part in ensuring that our workplace is respected and professional. We all are expected to:

  • Promote a working environment without discrimination or harassment due to race, colour, religion, sex, nationality, disability or any other factor.
  • Perform our operations in full compliance with the international standards of environmental practice


Being assigned confidential information is part of our daily work in Nereus Subsea. This information is property of our business associates or property. This information is kept in the company and is not available to any third party.

The nature of this information is, but not limited to :

  • Technical information.
  • Designs, Drawings or Plans
  • Pictures, videos or other digital copies.
  • Personal information.

All employees of Nereus Subsea are committed to:

  • Not discuss confidential information with or in the presence of any non-authorized person.
  • Even after leaving the organization, they are not permitted to share this information without written authorization.