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Underwater inspection and surveys are one of the primary elements that cannot be overlooked. A ship’s hull and coating system is a key feature, as the performance of the ship depends on it, and to make sure it is functioning properly underwater ship inspections are conducted. Another purpose of underwater inspections and surveys is to acquire a license; To obtain the license that states that the ship can sail safely by fulfilling all international conventions, classification societies conduct inspections on a particular interval to check if the ship complies with the conditions of the license. Nereus offers a wide range of services in underwater ship inspections and surveys that check all the boxes.

Nereus with its 20 years of experience has come up with the most advanced technology for monitoring your vessel’s condition. We at Nereus aim to provide our clients with underwater inspection services that are comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable. By keeping your performance as our topmost priority, the team of professionals at Nereus works around the clock to ensure that we deliver what we promise. By following international safety standards with the team of our certified divers Nereus offers the following services.

Underwater inspection


Maintaining the health of the vessel, while it is underwater, is one of the most important concerns of ship companies as underwater maintenance ensures that your vessels are always in optimal health, without irreparable damage.Underwater hull cleaning services is especially important as the ship’s hull may face damaged during its sea-faring journey. With our extensive underwater maintenance solutions, including hull cleaning services, propeller polish, anode replacement, ship maintenance and repair, we ensure that your ships are in the best of health, at all times. Underwater maintenance by Nereus Subsea will also supplement the health of the vessel and keep it functioning effectively for longer.

CCTV inspection

CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspections are part of the underwater ship inspections and surveys. With the advancement of technology, CCTV inspections have become more consistent and accurate. CCTV inspections allow to accurately record and see the present condition of the vessel that cannot be visually inspected during routine inspections because of excessive water depths or turbidity. Nereus Subsea carries out underwater inspections with real-time monitoring systems using state-of-the-art underwater diving equipment. Nereus Subsea offers an in-house dive team consisting of engineers and engineering technicians.

Hull coating inspection

Hull Coating Inspection

A clean and smooth hull can deliver maximum fuel efficiency. By adhering to the highest industry standard Nereus offers comprehensive underwater inspection services. Hull integrity cannot be taken lightly therefore Nereus assure that the hull inspection services are done efficiently. Good hull integrity means your vessel is efficient in both sea and port. Nereus offers hull inspection services that are delivered using ROV. ROV or Remote Operated Vehicle makes hull inspections faster, easier, and more effective. One of the benefits of using ROV is that you don’t have to shut down your system during inspections.

Sea chest internal inspection

Sea Chest Internal Inspection

Sea chests are an essential part of a vessel which makes it more susceptible to damage to which Nereus provides the optimal solution. Nereus offers expert services in internal sea chest inspection through which the clients can identify the extent of damage prevailing in the sea chest. Services offered by Nereus for internal inspection of sea chests guarantee a hundred percent optimal results. Sea chest inspections are risky as they are placed in the niche area of a ship. Nereus with its advanced technology undertakes challenging operations and gives optimal results.

 In-water survey

IWS – In-Water Survey

As a part of Nereus’s underwater inspection and survey, Nereus provides services in In-Water Survey, which is a method of surveying the underwater parts of the ship while it remains afloat. IWS stands out from the conventional method of dry-docking which is expensive. IWS is carried out at an agreed geographical location where the water visibility is good and the hull is clean below the waterline. Nereus is the clear choice for vessels operating in sensitive environments and on critical trade routes.

Underwater class survey

Clearance Measurements

Over time it is necessary for ships under the regulations to measure the rudder clearances and tail-end shaft wear down clearance measurements to make sure the vessel is safe for the cargo and the crew that mans it. Generally measuring tools are provided by the ship as measuring tools can vary depending on the ship. Only if the vessel is found seaworthy will it be able to continue its services. Nereus offers services in underwater clearance measurements. The service includes measuring the wear down of the tail-end shaft and the rudder clearances.

underwater hull survey

Sale & purchase inspection

Sale & purchase inspection includes both document inspection and physical inspection of the vessel. During document inspections mortgage records and maritime lien records are inspected thoroughly. Physical inspections include checking the surface of the ship and its logbook. Nereus assures the sale and purchase run smoothly and benefit the clients. Our services include inspecting class records to provide the status of class and statutory certificates and surveys. Dry-docking records, review of thickness measurement results, records on significant overhauls and repairs, memoranda affecting class, and the status of recommendations are inspected.

Survey of marine structures

Survey Of Marine Structures

Since marine structures such as ships and other offshore structures are massive complicated structures that are placed in an unfriendly environment it requires special attention. Nereus conducts underwater inspections, surveys, and reports on a vast range of structures in marine environments. Maintenance of marine structure is important to have a long and safe operational life cycle without any catastrophic failure. Nereus helps to monitor and inspect the condition of the structure and provides assistance in the maintenance, repairing, and replacement of the marine structures.

Underwater Inspection In Lieu Of Dry-Docking

UWILD – Underwater Inspection In Lieu Of Dry-Docking

Nereus provides assistance in underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking or UWILD, which is an alternative to Dry-docking. UWILD involves sub-surface inspections of the hull using divers or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The inspection is completed on location, saving the asset owner and their clients both time and money by eliminating off-hire time. The process is a safer, faster, and cheaper alternative to other methods for the required inspections because it avoids interruptions to operations.

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