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“ Your Performance is our Business ”

Environmental regulations continue to get tougher and it is imperative that ship owners and operators minimize the energy consumption while saving cost and continuously improving the overall performance of their fleet. Keeping this at heart, we are prepared to double down on our commitment which is “Your Performance is our Business”

NEREUS SUBSEA has the equipment, personnel, experience and above all commitment to be your partner for underwater fleet performance management. Our experienced staff has the ability to take care of any types of Propeller and Hull both economically and in compliance with latest rules and regulations.

This focus on equipment condition delivers a direct reduction to a vessel’s bottom line while ensuring corporate regulatory and environmental compliance.

  • Fixed Pricing for Fleet Underwater hull management contracts
  • Dedicated Fleet Manager and point of contact
  • Pre-planned underwater maintenance to ensure compliance with safety, international regulations, and local environmental regulations
  • Yearly scheduling based on technical evaluation of efficiency reports and swim-out reports
  • Regularly scheduled technical review meetings to review findings, optimize underwater equipment maintenance and inspection plan and review findings for performance improving repairs or underwater upgrade