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“We offer a wide range of underwater ship repair services 24/7”

Looking for top-notch services in underwater ship repair Singapore? Look no further than Nereus Subsea! We are a professional and highly effective company with a team of expert commercial divers ready to tackle any underwater ship repair job.

At Nereus Subsea, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading ship repair companies in Asia, and we're committed to delivering the most cutting-edge and industry-leading solutions for our clients. With our extensive experience in underwater ship maintenance and repair, we offer a full range of underwater ship repair services that are more cost-effective and saves time than dry docking.

So, whether you're in need of routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can trust us to provide the highest quality services to meet your needs. Contact Nereus Subsea today to learn more about our underwater ship repair services and how we can help keep your vessel in top condition.

Undertaking repairs and maintenance on a vessel can be a complex and challenging task, especially when operating in or near water where unpredictable weather conditions can arise. That's why many opt for underwater repairs and hull maintenance as an alternative to expensive unscheduled dry-docking.

If you're looking for top-quality underwater ship repair Singapore that won't impact your vessel's sailing schedule, Nereus Subsea offers a range of services, including plugging, blanking, and the installation of cofferdams and more intrinsic and demanding requirements, all designed to provide the best possible solutions for your underwater repair needs.

Our team of expert commercial divers and welders is highly skilled in underwater repairs and blanking and can handle any job, no matter how complex. So if you want to ensure your vessel stays in top condition, contact us today to learn more about our services in underwater ship repair.



Nereus Subsea LLC can perform all types of complex underwater ship repair jobs. Our team of highly experienced divers will meet your highest set expectation, on rapid performance, quality craftsmanship and safe operations. Regular maintenance and repairs to your ship is an essential part of being a vessel owner; it helps to ensure health and safety, keeps your ship in top condition and can save you time and money in the long run. If you are looking for the best possible services, without impacting your vessel’s sailing schedule, we suggest contacting Nereus Subsea for underwater repair and maintenance services such as plugging, blanking, and the installation of cofferdams for more intrinsic and demanding requirements.

Thruster Inspection repair

Bow Thruster Repair

When on water, there is no part of the ship which is not exposed to the elements, including the waves and the biofouling agents in the water. In this scenario, almost every part of the ship may get damaged, including its bow thrusters, and such damage can cause loss of time and expenses. If you are looking for underwater ship repair, with a focus on bow thruster repair, look no further. Our experts at Nereus Subsea will take care of it!

Underwater ship repair

Propeller Repair

Ship maintenance and repair is a tough task, especially when it is done underwater and propeller repair is one of the main requirements that we cater to. Our experienced and professional underwater ship repair staff can manage a wide variety of propeller repair requirements, offering you only the best of services. We have a long legacy in the propeller repair arena and can assure you that, once Nereus Subsea is contacted, your propellers will become as good as new!

Cofferdam repair services


During the process of underwater ship repair, a cofferdam acts as a temporary sealed-off space beneath the water surface, allowing repair and maintenance to be carried out in the other external parts without causing damage to the protected segments. If you need any sort of cofferdam services for underwater ship repair, Nereus Subsea will offer you the best solutions at the most attractive rates! We can also help you with customised cofferdams for tailor-made solutions and excellent services.

underwater ship repair


Your vessel’s rope-cutter is situated at the base of the ship’s propeller and this tool is necessary to safeguard the propeller from getting stuck with ropes and nets during rotation. The rope cutter features rotating blades which move in line with the propeller and keep it safe by cutting through all impediments. Given its friction-heavy nature, rope-cutters require frequent replacement and we at Nereus Subsea, with our excellent ship maintenance and repair solutions, are the best service providers for this requirement.

underwater rudder repair

Rudder Repair

As a ship-owner, you are well aware that the ship’s rudder is especially prone to damage when on water, from both erosion and corrosion. In such a scenario, the vessel with a damaged rudder cannot perform in excellent condition and you end up requiring rudder repair services as part of ship maintenance and repair. If your rudder is causing you trouble, book an appointment with Nereus Subsea and we will handle all your rudder repair needs in the most excellent way possible.

 cavitated propeller repair

Cavitated Propeller Repair

Most vessels fall prey to propeller cavitation at one time or the other, and this happens due to the pressure generated by propeller through its propulsion motion. This pressure, generated when the propeller moves underwater, at a high speed, cause water to remain on the side and tips of the propeller blades, causing cavitation, or pitting of the propeller surface, over the long run. Nereus Subsea is highly qualified to help you repair cavitated propeller with our expert team of underwater divers and engineers.

Ship Cutting

Ship Cutting

Underwater ship repair includes a variety of niche services and it is important that you only trust marine service providers who have a proven expertise and experience in these different services. Ship cutting is one of the major, specialised underwater repair services that vessels require and if you are confused about who to trust, give Nereus Subsea a call. We promise you that our professional team will put you at ease and offer you the best advice and service possible.

plugging and blanking services

Plugging & Blanking

Nereus Subsea is a proven name in the business of underwater blanking and provides you with best-in-class and state-of-the-art equipment and service to ensure optimal underwater plugging and blanking of the sea chest. We can also help you with in-water repair of sea chests, sea-water inlets and outlets. Underwater plugging needs to be done by proper and efficient professionals to avoid any damage to the ship or the environment. Nereus Subsea’s expert team of professionals has proven experience and expertise in plugging and blanking and can offer you the most optimal experience.

- underwater welding


While on the water, a vessel may fall prey to issues which prompt you to need welding services to ensure that the ship is in the best of health. Avoiding such issues while the ship is on water, and waiting for dry docking, can cause unprecedented damage so it is advisable that repairs be conducted underwater. Underwater welding is an especially necessary marine service offered by Nereus Subsea to ensure that your vessel and its components remain in the best of shape, all the time.

Entanglement Removal

Entanglement Removal

As a vessel spends months on water, its body gets fouled by a number of underwater entanglements and biofouling elements. These entanglements, over a period of time, cause damage to the vessel as well as increase the drag, making the vessel need more fuel for the same distance. Further, entanglements also slow the vessel down, causing irreparable loss. If your vessel is being slowed down by entanglements, Nereus Subsea’s professional team is here to help you with excellent entanglement-removal services.

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