Nereus Subsea – Official Exhibitors at Seatrade Expo 2020

seatrade expo 2020

Nereus Subsea Intent on Making a Mark at Seatrade Maritime Middle East Seatrade Maritime Middle East Business Event, highly popular for its maritime business networking, seminars and other recognitions, is being held from the 13th to 15th of December at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, Dubai Expo 2020. As a highly enticing event, Seatrade is drawing … Read more

Nereus Subsea Bags Singapore SME 500 Award 2022

nereus sme 500 award

SME 500 Award is considered one of Singapore’s highly regarded business accolades Nereus Subsea’s contributions to the maritime industry and SME sector recognized Singapore, 20 May 2022: Singapore Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC) announced an annual business award that recognizes Singapore’s performing SMEs for quality, capability, and excellence.  Nereus Subsea – Asia’s leading commercial … Read more

Overview of Underwater Repair – Blanking and Cofferdams


There is no questioning the fact that operating in or near-water is a complex and challenging task. If you are looking for cofferdams in underwater ship repair, you should know that these require adequate planning, highly qualified and experienced diving professionals, and correct gauging of the relevant environmental, safety, and water management concerns. We also … Read more

Why is Underwater Propeller Polishing & Cleaning Important?

propeller polishing

Underwater maintenance of ships is a field that is, usually not given much importance, unless you own a ship or really understand the various facets of the segment. People only see the above water parts and beauty of a ship; they do not think of the various ways in which underwater cleaning and underwater maintenance … Read more

Why Underwater Hull Cleaning Is Important?

underwater hull cleaning

What is Underwater Hull Cleaning? Underwater hull cleaning or ship hull cleaning is an extremely important part of maintaining the health and integrity of the vessels. The hull and structure of the ship under the surface of seawater or freshwater face various levels of fouling by marine or aquatic organisms, caused by the biofilms formed … Read more

Use of Cofferdams for Underwater Ship Repair

Underwater Ship Repair

Cofferdam are used to complete more complex in-water ship repairs andmaintenance tasks. It provides temporary sealed-off space that allows dry-environment for carrying out repair and maintenance on the external sections of ahull, while ship remains afloat. Cofferdams are frequently required to executerepairs to vessel hulls, especially if costly off-hires or even unscheduled dockings areto be … Read more

Importance of Periodical In-Water Ship Hull Inspection

hull cleaning

In-water ship hull inspection has been practiced for years. It can be a very useful means to inspect the condition of anti-fouling systems and the biofouling status of a ship. In-water inspections should be undertaken periodically as a general means of routine surveillance, augmented by specific inspections as necessary to address any situations of elevated … Read more