Use of Cofferdams for Underwater Ship Repair

Underwater Ship Repair

Cofferdam are used to complete more complex in-water ship repairs andmaintenance tasks. It provides temporary sealed-off space that allows dry-environment for carrying out repair and maintenance on the external sections of ahull, while ship remains afloat. Cofferdams are frequently required to executerepairs to vessel hulls, especially if costly off-hires or even unscheduled dockings areto be … Read more

Importance of Periodical In-Water Ship Hull Inspection

hull cleaning

In-water ship hull inspection has been practiced for years. It can be a very useful means to inspect the condition of anti-fouling systems and the biofouling status of a ship. In-water inspections should be undertaken periodically as a general means of routine surveillance, augmented by specific inspections as necessary to address any situations of elevated … Read more