Use of Cofferdams for Underwater Ship Repair

Cofferdam are used to complete more complex in-water ship repairs and
maintenance tasks. It provides temporary sealed-off space that allows dry-
environment for carrying out repair and maintenance on the external sections of a
hull, while ship remains afloat. Cofferdams are frequently required to execute
repairs to vessel hulls, especially if costly off-hires or even unscheduled dockings are
to be avoided.
Nereus Subsea is an industry expert in design, fabrication, installation and execution
of repair works involving use of Cofferdams.
Use of Cofferdams can be extremely varied, however following is the list of most
common repair’s activities requiring Cofferdams.
 Replacement of stern seals
 Repair of damaged or breached hull
 Replacement of thrusters or propellers.
 Repair or renewal of Transducers or other hull sensors.
 Propeller maintenance
 Steelwork replacement
 Impressed current anode replacement
 Permanent class approved hull insert plate repairs
 Repair or renewal of scrubber discharge pipe lines or valves.
 Renewal of overboard discharge valves

As per experience, cofferdam has been enthusiastically received by the ship owners
and managers due to the cost saving and convenience.
Cofferdams used for underwater ship repairs requires good planning, accurate
measurements and drawings, qualified and experienced diving personnel, proper
risk assessment including correct assessment of weather conditions.
Nereus Subsea provides end-to-end underwater repair solutions for customers.
For more information or inquiries regarding our other specialist underwater repair
and maintenance services, please contact us.

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