As a leading global provider of integrated underwater solutions, Nereus Subsea delivers a broad range of underwater services across the world. We offer a holistic suite of complementary underwater solutions that include in-water surveys & inspections, underwater maintenance & repair, salvage & recovery and other specialist services to a large and diversified client base. Founded in 2019, the firm is headquartered in Singapore and maintains branches in UAE and Greece. Nereus Subsea has consistently delivered first-class services in a first-class way. At Nereus, we are dedicated to providing quality services at the most competitive of prices and aim to become the definitive provider of marine services. Underpinning all that we do are, our five core values.

Nereus Subsea with its extensive experience in all aspects of underwater solutions is able to deliver unrivalled and absolutely cost-effective maintenance and repair services to your vessel. We ensure that all your marine service requirements are met, in the most optimal and seamless way possible. With a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in engineering, diving and project management, Nereus is well-positioned to offer a complete range of services to our clients. We are prepared to double down on our commitment which is “Your Performance is our Business”. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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Early detection of fouling & hull cleaning catapults ship owners in a Triple -Win situation.It is proven that timely cleaning of hull not only saves fuel, reduces carbonemissions but also takes away the risk of carrying invasive species on its hull.

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We will strive to make a difference and go beyond ourlimits to remain committed, accountable and consistent in the delivery of your projects.


Nereus Subsea believes in offering customers the most innovative solutions when it comes to underwater maintenance and repair services and we have helped companies mitigate operating overheads and carbon footprint through efficient services spanning the entire marine service requirement. Our team comprises of experienced professionals with years under their belt and their sectoral expertise has enabled us to ensure significant reduction in marine fuel consumption through effective maintenance and repairs. Whatever your marine service requirement may be, we promise to be your partner of choice.

Our vast portfolio of services includes the following –

Underwater Maintenance Services

Underwater Maintenance

Maintaining the health of the vessel, while it is underwater, is one of the most important concerns of ship companies as underwater maintenance ensures that your vessels are always in optimal health, without irreparable damage. With our extensive underwater maintenance solutions, including hull cleaning services, propeller polish, anode replacement, ship maintenance and repair, we ensure that your ships are in the best of health, at all times. Underwater maintenance by Nereus Subsea will also supplement the health of the vessel and keep it functioning effectively for longer.

Underwater repair services

Underwater Repair

Nereus Subsea is an effective and professional company offering marine companies excellent underwater repair solutions. With access to the best commercial divers and as one of the leading ship repair companies in Asia, Nereus Subsea has proven itself as the partner of choice for all underwater repair needs. Many vessels require underwater repairs as it is more cost effective and timely than dry docking. Ship maintenance and repair is a core of our service capabilities and we will bring you the most cutting edge and industry leading solutions in this segment.

Underwater Survey and inspection

Survey & Inspection

Nereus Subsea is committed to offering you the best and most comprehensive ship maintenance and repair services and this involves frequent and optimal survey and inspection of the vessel, to ensure that everything is in order. With this aim in mind, Nereus’s experienced and professional experts offer you survey and inspection services such as CCTV inspection, hull coating inspection, sea chest internal inspection, UWILD/IWS, clearance measurements, sale and purchase inspection and survey of marine structures. Our bevy of excellent and competitive services ensure that your vessel stay ship-shape at all times.

 Marine salvage and recovery services

Salvage & Recovery Works

Many a times, your vessel may face problems which require you to search for salvage and recovery services. Worry not, for Nereus Subsea has excellent commercial divers and is one of the topmost ship maintenance companies in the field of marine services. Whatever trouble your vessel may face, in terms of salvage and recovery works, we are here to offer you the best and most effective solutions. Our suite of salvage and recovery solutions include services such as anchor chain search and recovery, port facilities maintenance, sea bed scanning, shipwreck salvage, mooring buoy and navigational buoy repair and maintenance.

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Specialist Services

Have you encountered a situation where you consult a marine services provider only to be disappointed by the advice on offer? We are sure such instances have arisen in your lives at least once but, at Nereus Subsea, our specialist services will ensure that you never return disheartened. Whatever problem your vessel may be facing, our experts at Nereus Subsea will identify and resolve the issue seamlessly. One of our USPs here is stern tube seal repair, a specialist service required by most shipping companies.

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Fleet Performance Contracts

If your marine organisation is looking for a fleet performance contractor to solve all your shipping woes, you are at the right place! With an array of specialised and niche solutions relevant to the shipping industry, and a bevy of experienced professionals, Nereus Subsea is the perfect partner to handle your fleet performance contracts optimally. Our fleet managers are always available to help you overcome vessel issues and we promise you that our fleet performance contracts are the most comprehensive and competitive in the industry.

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