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Maintaining the health of the vessel, while it is underwater, is one of the most important concerns of ship companies as underwater maintenance ensures that your vessels are always in optimal health, without irreparable damage. Underwater hull cleaning services are especially important as the ship’s hull may face damage during its sea-faring journey. With our extensive underwater maintenance solutions, including hull cleaning services, propeller polish, anode replacement, ship maintenance and repair, we ensure that your ships are in the best of health, at all times. Underwater maintenance by Nereus Subsea will also supplement the health of the vessel and keep it functioning effectively for longer.

There are various services that come under underwater maintenance as a ship has many working parts and all of them require consistent cleaning and maintenance if you wish to maintain the ship’s overall integrity. Maintaining the vessel’s different parts, through regular cleaning and polishing, also allows you to navigate better in bad weather and save money through faster travel. Contact Nereus Subsea for all underwater maintenance requirements and you will enjoy the best results in the market. Take a look at the varied and specialised services we offer and get in touch with the Nereus Subsea team for professional guidance and services. Underwater maintenance need not be a tough task anymore! Whatever your needs and requirements be, Nereus Subsea is the expert in the field so you will always be provided the best solutions and services.

 Underwater ship maintenance


Nereus Subsea LLC is a worldwide company, which provides high-quality, result-guaranteed underwater services through our highly trained technical staff. The underwater maintenance at regular intervals ensures the continuous and smooth operation of the ship, saving fuel, increasing its lifespan, saving money, improving ship efficiency, and keeping your ship safe.

 Anode replacement services

Anodes Replacement

Anodes in the submerged parts of the ship get damaged frequently and require services like underwater anode welding. If anodes are regularly replaced, vessel maintenance becomes easier and the ship functions smoothly at lower expenses. Underwater anode replacement allows you to save on dry docking expenses and Nereus Subsea is well experienced in complete underwater anode replacement during underwater ship maintenance. We assure you that your ship will be as good as new after underwater anodes replacement undertaken by Nereus Subsea.

underwater ship cleaning services

Hull Cleaning

Vessel maintenance is imperative to the ship’s health and a major part of underwater ship maintenance is underwater hull cleaning. Nereus Subsea offers you excellent underwater cleaning to give your vessel a long and healthy life. Avoiding underwater ship inspection causes the vessel’s hull to get fouled up with barnacles and other sea life and this could cause difficulties like slow speed, overheated engines, block intakes and excessive consumption and wastage of fuel. Our underwater hull cleaning consists of inspection and expert removal of sea life accumulated on the hull, while protecting the coating.

 Propeller cleaning services

Propeller Polish

Biofouling happens everywhere, from hull to propellers and Nereus Subsea is an expert at underwater propeller polishing. Propellers are prone to fouling from immature barnacles, tubeworms, and other elements, causing loss in propulsion efficiency. Nereus Subsea is the best choice for propeller polish as we use implements such as small rotating disks which are capable of removing all fouling without gauging the surface. If you want your vessel maintenance completed and propellers polished, you are at the right place! Our experienced divers and professionals will offer you the best service.

Sea chest cleaning services

Sea Chest Cleaning

Sea chests cleaning involves inspecting and maintaining cleanliness in everything from sea chest gratings to the inside of the chests. As a very complicated process requiring experienced and expert professionals like the ones we have at Nereus Subsea, sea chests cleaning is an integral part of vessel maintenance and underwater cleaning. We also take care of internal repairs in the sea chest, if discrepancies are seen during the preliminary examination, without forcing you to dock the ship and waste precious time.

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