Importance of Underwater Plugging or Blanking of Sea Chest

There are so many different things to take care of when maintaining and managing a ship. Ships which remain in the water for longer durations require special care and repairs to ensure sea worthiness. If your ship requires maintenance and you are thinking of underwater plugging or blanking of sea chests, remember that these actions need proper planning and scheduling, availability of highly qualified and experienced diving professionals and the proper implements to handle the repairs as well as manage environmental conditions. Many times, your attempts at underwater plugging may fail because of a lack of experience with the service providers or even poor weather conditions, as the seascape is not something you can control.

Nereus Subsea is a proven name in the business of underwater blanking and provides you with best-in-class and state-of-the-art equipment and service to ensure optimal underwater plugging and blanking of the sea chest. We can also help you with the in-water repair of sea chests, sea-water inlets and outlets. Many people in the marine industry prefer underwater plugging to dry docking because the process can be completed without drydocking the vessel, thus saving money and time. However, underwater plugging needs to be done by proper and efficient professionals to avoid any damage to the ship or the environment. If you have access to safe and reliable services for underwater plugging, you can increase the gap between your ship’s dry docking, thus increasing the efficiency of the entire system.hull-cleaning-services

Nereus Subsea’s expert team of professionals can offer you the best experience possible when it comes to underwater marine services, including underwater plugging or blanking the sea chest. We have proven experience and expertise and can offer you the most optimal experience. You can opt for undertaking plugging to also avoid unscheduled dry-docking which can end up being very expensive. In fact, you should consider dry docking only when there are no other options available for the same.

Underwater Plugging

Every ship comprises a variety of machine components and these include the main engine, ancillary equipment and generator situated in the engine room. Quite a bit of heat is generated by these machines when in use. Modern ships usually use seawater to cool down this heat but sometimes there may be some damage, which needs to be maintained through proper underwater plugging or blanking of the sea chest. Many times, you may have to use cofferdams to manage the plugging. In line with the type of repair and maintenance required, your ship may require a variety of cofferdam types. We can manufacture the same, based on specific requirements and, at Nereus Subsea, our divers and welders will follow a project requirement-specific step-by-step method to offer you the best results possible for your vessel. We also promise to bring you the most suitable and satisfactory compliance measures, in line with the strictest safety standards. This is especially important during high-precision underwater works such as blanking the sea chest.

It is best to follow a three-stage process of underwater plugging as it offers the best results. The first step of this journey is pre-installation preparation. At this time, we consider the structural drawings of your ship and sea chest and come up with the job scope and services required for optimal underwater plugging. Nereus Subsea will also study and measure details like areas requiring cofferdam coverage. If we find that your requirements do not match standard equipment, we place orders to create new and tailor-made cofferdams specific to your needs. Once we finalise these aspects, we take up cofferdam installation, to prepare your ship for underwater plugging. At this stage, we commission underwater diving inspection teams to conduct an initial analysis of the requirement. Once this is completed, our team welds temporary brackets to the hull surface and uses this to mount the cofferdam. The cofferdam is mounted on the area which requires the most coverage and Nereus Subsea coats the seals with appropriate sealants to ensure cleanliness and compactness of the sea chest. After this, we clean out and blank the sea chest, then remove the cofferdam in an effortless and seamless process.ship-hull-cleaning

Now that you know how we go about the process, you just need to contact Nereus Subsea in order to access the best underwater plugging or blanking of sea chest services.

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