A cofferdam is a purpose-built compartment within a ship that physically partitions different sections of the vessel, preventing them from coming into contact with each other. This is typically done to prevent the spread of fluids or other materials in the event of a breach, and as such, cofferdams must be gas-tight and properly ventilated to ensure the safety of those aboard. Our cofferdam repair services are designed to maintain a dry environment in the main ship compartments which can be difficult to achieve especially if the tank space is large in size.

Our cofferdam repair service will also ensure that when it comes to the bilge suction, any accumulated water or oil from the leaks in the cofferdam will be pumped out using a bilge pump. The cofferdam in a ship should be provided with stiffeners and girders to withstand liquid sloshing, vibratory loads, and other loads which may be imposed in service. While selecting the construction materials, especially for the equipment or fittings to be fitted inside the cofferdam (such as a level sensor, vent and sounding pipes etc.), their spark-producing properties should be considered.


In cofferdams, manholes and lightning holes are provided. Manholes should not be cut in the bottom or top third of vertical web diaphragm plates of cofferdam, as this may lead to buckling of the plate. The main engine is equipped with a bedplate, which carries the oil sump. The bedplate is mounted on the engine foundation plate and held in place using chocks and holding bolts. The cofferdam helps engineers to access and inspect the holding bolts for the engine.

Hull cleaning


  Between fuel oil tanks which are installed inside the engine room. E.g. diesel oil and heavy fuel oil tank.

  Between freshwater tank and other engine room tanks adjacent to it

  Between lube oil tanks such as Auxiliary engine, main engine, or cylinder oil and lube oil storage tanks

  Between two oil tanks carrying different grades of fuel such as LSFO and HSFO

  The cofferdam is also installed around the main engine lube oil drain or sump tank, mainly to separate it from other double bottom tanks.


  A cofferdam is a wall made of concrete or some other material that compartments off sections of a ship for repair, often because some damage occurred to the ship and it needs to be closed off until it can be repaired.

  The cofferdam is equipped with manholes for inspection, as well as a sounding pipe to prevent leakage

  By keeping the cofferdam dry, we can detect leakage in a ship's hull.


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