Nereus Subsea Dives Deep with MPL: 2nd Year of Sponsorship Unveiled!

Nereus Subsea is pleased to announce its partnership as the gold sponsor of the highly anticipated Mariners Premier League 2023. Nereus Subsea is extremely thrilled to extend its support for Mariner’s Premier League (MPL) happening in Singapore from 18th August to 20th August and to all the teams who will be attending the event and participating in the league. The league will feature 50 teams and more than 500 mariners from various maritime companies competing against each other in a friendly yet competitive environment.

The Mariners Premier League 2023 is an upcoming cricket tournament organized by Mariner Cricket Club (MCC), Singapore that brings together the most talented players and teams from around the marine industry. It is a platform for young mariners to showcase their skills and a chance for cricket enthusiasts to witness some thrilling matches. The league aims to promote sportsmanship and provide opportunities for team building and networking.

Nereus Subsea is honored to have the opportunity of being chosen as the gold sponsor of the Mariners Premier League 2023. Through this partnership, Nereus Subsea aims to strengthen its brand visibility within the industry and connect with a wider audience of maritime professionals and promote the values of teamwork, integrity, and excellence that both the league and the company uphold.

Nereus understands the importance of supporting initiatives that encourage personal and professional growth, and the Mariners Premier League provides the perfect platform for maritime professionals to showcase their talents on and off the field.

With Nereus Subsea’s support as the gold sponsor, Mariners Premier League 2023 is set to be a groundbreaking event in the marine industry. Nereus Subsea’s commitment to excellence and its reputation as a reliable underwater cleaning services provider makes them an ideal partner for the Mariners Premier League 2023.

Nereus Subsea is excited about the upcoming Mariners Premier League 2023 and looks forward to a thrilling season of cricket and celebrating the achievements of the maritime community. The company’s involvement as the Gold Sponsor underscores their dedication to fostering positive relationships within the maritime industry and their commitment to supporting community initiatives.



Nereus Subsea is an SME500 award-winning underwater cleaning service that provides a comprehensive range of underwater solutions, such as in-water surveys, inspections, maintenance and repair, salvage and recovery, and other specialized services to a diverse clientele. The company is committed to promoting environmental sustainability by utilizing green dive boats that run on biodiesel fuel for all its operations.



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